Nursing Home Abuse

Increased reports of improper treatment of patients in nursing homes led Illinois to enact the Nursing Home Care Act in order to reform how nursing homes operate. This Act specifically forbids nursing home facilities, including owners and employees, from abusing or neglecting its residents. The Act also requires that facilitates report such abuse or neglect to certain Illinois agencies as well notify family members. Further, nursing home residents who are injured as a result of abuse or neglect are entitled to compensation for their injuries and their pain and suffering. In certain cases where a death of a loved one has occurred due to nursing home abuse and neglect, relatives may also be compensated for that loss.

Common types of nursing home abuse and neglect include, but are not limited to, the following cases:

  • Bed sores / pressure ulcers

  • Falls

  • Unexplained injuries requiring emergency treatment or hospitalization such as broken bones, cuts, open wounds, or bruises.

  • Unexplained or unexpected death

  • Assaults / batteries (by other patients or hospital staff)

  • Sexual assaults / batteries (by other patients or hospital staff)

  • Malnutrition and dehydration

  • Infections

  • Administering too much or incorrect medication

Our attorneys have extensive experience in nursing home litigation cases and hold nursing homes accountable for their actions by helping victims and their families receive compensation for injuries and losses due to abuse and/or neglect.