This is what our clients have to say about us

"In late 2017 my husband was in a fatal motorcycle accident. With the help of my family, we interviewed 4 law firms and unanimously agreed that Steve and Sandra were the right people to represent us because their perspective made us think about our situation differently. They respected our emotional distress and understood our point of view. That’s what made Dicker Dicker & Ruiz stand out in front of the other firms.

My relationship with Steve and Sandra was long term and their dedication never wavered. They were always available to talk when I had questions, kept me apprised and they were definitely there for us when things got really tough. They became a part of our family. This was comforting to me.

Steve had the ability to keep me in perspective when my emotions clouded my judgment. I did appreciate him for that.

Steve and Sandra were respectful, compassionate, empathetic, and honest and they did work hard for me. My case was somewhat challenging.

Yes, I would recommend them to anyone in need of legal services.

They truly understood my family’s suffering and they had our best interest at heart all the way to the end and for that, I am forever grateful. "

"Over the past 25+ years, I have used Dicker Dicker & Ruiz for numerous personal real estate transactions. I have always felt well represented, and personally, will attend to. They are very thorough and have a long time experience in real estate closings. I have recommended them numerous times and those clients have thanked me!"

"I was truly trying to handle my situation on my own. It was an open and closed case regarding the other person driving into my car while I was at a full stop. But, the insurance company would not accept my request to just paying the hospital bill. I was completely unaware as to how many bills were incurred from the accident. These bills included a fire department bill, an ambulance bill, and a city clean-up bill just to name a few. Dicker Dicker & Ruiz took the reins and began to handle my case. I would receive periodic updates regarding the case. It was truly a hassle-free experience. Ever since then I have become a loyal client of this firm. I turn to them for help in any legal situation. I do this because I trust their recommendations and guidance. Even when they are not capable of helping me the attorneys they have recommended are beyond skilled to handle my issue. This is not your regular firm. They treat you with respect and look out for your best interests. I am truly blessed to have Dicker Dicker & Ruiz to turn to when I need them most."

Archdiocese settles priest abuse case for $1.65 million

Attorney Steven Dicker settles case against The Archdiocese of Chicago in a child molestation case.